search engine optimization

SEO = Search Engine Optimization

What the heck is SEO and why do I need it?

SEO means “Search Engine Optimization” and is the method that search engine’s like, Google & Bing, use to have your website returned for a certain search query. Which results in free traffic to your website which can help reduce your paid advertising and that all equals a win-win for your business

It would be really nice if websites operated on a “Build it and they will come” theory, unfortunately, that’s not how it works anymore. We are a decade out of that realm.

SEO involves a little of what you actually see on a webpage and a whole lot of what you don’t see, and then a whole lot more.

Sounds daunting right?

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SEO - Search Engine Optimization
What our Happy Clients have to say….

"The professionalism, efficiency, and productivity from the team at Overseas Media Group has been second to none, we can not recommend them enough. Our business has seen incredibly clear cut positive growth as a result of their work."


Jason Koler Testimonial

Kelly McKinnon

Working with OMG has been a pleasure. Having tried to create websites before that fell flat, the OMG team built my page beyond expectations. Detail-oriented and tech-savvy, OMG doesn’t create the average site. Whether you’re a business or a creative like me, it’s nice to know my site stands out on the web and markets my books and brand the way I want and love.


Author Hays Blinckmann Testimonial

Hays Blinckmann

Overseas Media Group was excellent to work with. They understood my job is to run a law office not build a website. They continuously worked around my schedule and made building a website effortless.


Patrick Stevens Testimonial

Patrick Stevens
Wolfe Stevens PLLC