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How is Your Social Media Marketing?

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter & Pinterest

Driving engagement and driving backlinks to your website. The value cannot be understated as far as the SEO value that social media can have on your website …. almost immediately

Set up is important

The setup of your social media should mirror your website branding and it is critically important that the information is up to date and complete. We are here to help!

What to post...When to post

Our Social Media Marketing services take this headache off your plate. Let our experts create a social meeting marketing plan just for your business!

Social Media Services

Overseas Media Group is a locally owned marketing and public relations agency with an emphasis on digital marketing and social media strategies. We specialize in optimizing social media platforms that reflect the individual mission, vision and desired target markets of the business—while presenting your content through unique, engaging posts on a variety of platforms.

With over two decades of local media and marketing expertise in the Florida Keys, OMG’s mission is to drive targeted traffic to your website, improve your search engine rankings and conversions, and increase vital revenue streams through a powerful online presence- while attracting new customers and fostering customer retention.



Your dedicated OMG Account Team will work directly with you and your team to develop and execute customized social media strategies that align with your business and marketing objectives. Our local presence and ability to meet and work with you and your teams offers a unique advantage within our personalized approach to your business.


Allow OMG to capture dynamic multi-media content, including a variety of live videos and photography assets, to showcase your business’ unique character. 


Our advanced tools and technology captures and monitors relevant social media interactions, allowing us to engage with users in real-time–offering you the unique advantage of professional, localized service delivered within the desired timeframes of today’s demanding digital market. 


We’ll leverage our advanced targeting capabilities aimed at your selected customer base, while driving revenue and ensuring that your company’s value statement is delivered to the desired audience. 


OMG sends you customized alerts for any social interactions that should be escalated to a proper management team member. And we will mitigate negative situations and work to protect your reputation online.  


Our advanced analytics and reporting will include performance monitoring and indicators, along with top performing posts analysis. You’ll receive these reports on a regular basis and your Account Team will assist you to better understand how these tools benefit your business.